“Blessed tree […], invincible and immortal tree, sustenance of our life […]”

(Sophocles, “Hymn to the Olive Tree”)

How was Ulivìs born?

Ulivìs is the valuable result of a long family tradition, combined with a high quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes. My father dedicated his whole life to the cultivation of the olive tree: he knew its unique and inestimable value and he passed it on to me. The decisive momentum for sharing the therapeutic properties of the olive tree is linked to the birth of my daughter Anna, who suffers from a serious disability. This particular event created the need for a wide change of perspective on life in general, and a lifestyle based on the principles of care and health. Strengthened by the love for my daughter, I used all my resources of capability and resilience to turn a possible obstacle into an opportunity for growth and evolution. Our aim, in fact, is not to offer Ulivìs from a consumerist perspective: the ultimate goal of this bold initiative is the humanitarian impulse towards the creation of a project for disabled young adults with an Anthroposophical orientation (Rudolf Steiner). Ulivìs is the result of a true story, in which care for the person and the research for quality are the main pillars and our authentic values.