The Olive Tree Effectively Fights Stress

In the post on The Intelligence of the Plants we saw that among plants there are impressive main fulcrums, called mother trees, which differ from all others in their longevity, and their incredible properties.

One of the most important mother trees is the Olive Tree, defined in the Bible as the first medicinal plant: the olive tree has spanned the entire history of mankind and has been celebrated by all the greatest men in every sphere, from philosophers to intellectuals, from artists to scientists all over the world.

The Olive Tree and its Specialised Intelligence

The Olive Tree is by analogy the Leonardo da Vinci of plants; it represents to the plant world what the diamond is for the mineral world.

Living for thousands of years is not a coincidence, but the result of an effort that is unimaginable to us: in order to learn to cope with all adversities and to resist impassively throughout its very long evolution, it has had to develop incredible strength and wisdom.

The result of this tireless and careful effort has allowed it to develop a hyper-specialised intelligence, and thus special and unique therapeutic virtues, which are extremely valuable in helping us to defend our psycho-physical well-being, compromised by the complicated way of life of our times.

Why is the Olive Tree so Useful Today?

An important consideration must be made: when we consume its derivatives (oil, leaf extract) we are not just taking in a chemical molecule, but also and above all the process of strengths behind and that characterises the plant.

By consuming its derivatives we are permeated by these strengths and embrace its extraordinary character, forged of strength, longevity, wisdom; just as our parents not only transmit to us the genetic heritage, but also and above all the character.

Nowadays, particularly after the pandemic, stress has dramatically increased, and you can see this very clearly in the mood of people, who are often nervous and negative.

One moment we tell ourselves that “everything is fine after all“, and a quarter of an hour later it takes nothing to start a heated discussion, due to almost constant tensions and worries.

In this context, the mind becomes self-sabotaging and submits us to negative thoughts, which in turn lower our morale in a sort of very insidious vicious circle.

This condition has severely weakened our nervous system, because due to this constant inner wear and tear, we are mostly without energy.

In such a state, it is not possible to speak of well-being, because we lack the basis of stability and balance that sustains our mood; this, in turn, feeds our energy, giving rise to a virtuous circle that allows us to cope much better with the many things of the day.

The Olive Tree as a Powerful Natural Anti-Stress Agent

To feel good, therefore, it is essential to strengthen our nervous system, which is the director of our entire psycho-physical system.

In addition to its scientifically proven benefits, the olive tree is a powerful natural anti-stress agent that strengthens our nervous system: and when we are stronger inside, we gain in everything, because we react and deal with everything in a completely different way.

Just think that even Bach prescribed olives to those who used to say “I feel like I can’t do it any more“, because they were too drained, or to those whose minds were in constant motion, because their nervous system was exhausted.

The Wisdom of the Olive Tree

Along with its strength we are overwhelmed by its wisdom, which is not something romantic, but very practical: the wise man, in fact, is the one who chooses the best.

It is obvious that in order to learn how to live for millennia, the Olive Tree necessarily had to learn to constantly choose, and to constantly eliminate everything that was harmful to it.

With its intake, this same process also takes place in our cells and sweeps away all that is harmful, fats, sugars, uric acids, bacteria, viruses and toxins of all kinds.

A cleaner, more oxygenated blood and intestine is reflected not only in physical well-being, but also in mental health: more energy, memory, concentration and good mood.

Our olive leaf extract, Ulivìs, certified organic and in a glass bottle, is a powerful anti-stress agent and helps us feel much better right from the beginning, with just one scoop a day.

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