Ulivìs Bio – Organic Food Supplement


Ulivìs Bio is an olive leaf extract (94%) highly concentrated in the active principles and combined with extracts of Marigold and Birch to boost the phytocomplex.
Titled in active principle (Oleuropein 20%).
Organic certified.

The extraction of the active principles is carried out in a natural way, which allows us to obtain very concentrated ingredients that make our phyto-preparation highly valid for both preventive and therapeutic purposes, promoting a well-being of the organism that makes you feel much better in a shorter time and in a natural way.

•    Only raw material from Italian olive groves with organic certification.
•    Leaves harvested within 24 hours.
•    Strict quality controls.
•    100% natural ingredients with therapeutic effects proved by clinical studies.
•    Regularly notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.


•    It is a natural antioxidant that revitalises the whole organism and slows down ageing.
•    Increases vitality and energy, effectively countering persistent physical and mental fatigue.
•    Anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal action.
•    Boosts the immunity system.
•    Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and glycemia.
•    Protects the heart and the cardiovascular system.
•    Counters neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s).
•    Purifies the internal organs.
•    Encourages the metabolism of fats by reducing abdominal fat.
•    Anti-cancerous, on several types of cancer cells.
•    Counters loss of bone density (osteoporosis; ideal during the menopause)
•    Reduces inflammation.

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