Snellvìs – Food Supplement for Losing Weight


Are you looking for a supplement that makes you feel so full that you can’t eat anything anymore?
Snellvìs is the ideal supplement for anyone who wants to lose the extra kilos and return to a fit weight.
Snellvìs effectively prevents hunger attacks, y greatly increasing the sense of satiety and drastically reducing dinner portions: it is tested and effective in reducing calorie consumption in the evening, at dinner and in after-dinner snacks.

Snellvìs is therefore very suitable for:
– Drastically reducing evening hunger attacks.
– Significantly reducing the portion of the evening meal.
– Increasing the sense of satiety without health risks and respecting the organism.

How does Snellvìs work?
Hunger is the ever-present key factor in the failure of weight-loss diets: experiencing a sense of satiety is therefore the fundamental element for sustaining a healthy diet over time.
Snellvìs is a satiating and weight-reducing supplement that works thanks to its innovative formula in which natural ingredients are combined together for the first time.

Snellvìs is designed to help you lose extra kilos and maintain your ideal weight over time, without the use of stimulants (coffee, green tea, etc.) and laxatives.
Its formula meets high quality standards by exploiting the properties of ingredients scientifically validated for weight control.

Even in the first 15 days of treatment you will achieve a quick and visible weight loss.
Snellvìs helps to reduce nervous hunger, to relax and support mental well-being, to stimulate the metabolism, to balance the intestinal bacterial flora: all this in order to control the weight in an effective and natural way.
Once in the stomach, it expands to 200 times its initial volume (bioavailable), inhibiting hunger receptors and delaying the gastric emptying process.

This supplement is notified by the Italian Ministry of Health and packaged in alimentary paper bags (not plastic).

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