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Being in the ideal weight is important for well-being

Being overweight is often a sign of a widespread state of infection in the body and can be a risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cholesterol, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and a general deterioration in quality of life.

Being at your ideal weight is therefore not just a question of aesthetics but above all a question of health. Taking care of our shape is therefore important for our well-being.

In recent years, scientists have conducted several studies on a large number of patients to observe the relationship between weight and body mass index, and that between mealtimes and meal distribution.

The relationship between mealtimes and overweight

A research of 2017, based on a 7-year dietary analysis of 50,000 adults, found that those who eat more calories in the morning and have a light dinner in the evening have a lower body weight, and not just a little, than the others. Why does this happen?

Researchers at Loma Linda University found that a light dinner restarts our metabolism efficiently: in particular, meals eaten in the evening lead to a hyperglycaemic response, or a rise in blood glucose, which occurs when insulin cannot convert glucose into energy.

Excess glucose slows down the metabolic process of our body: it is, in fact, stored as glycogen in the muscles, or as lipids in the adipose tissue. Basically, if glucose cannot be converted into energy, sugar molecules start to be deposited outside the muscle cells.

This energy surplus creates over time an inflammatory state called insulin resistance and increased fat mass.

Dinner is the key for losing weight

If we want to lose weight easily, without suffering from hunger, we should not skip any of the main meals. However, we have to consider that dinner should be light and controlled in terms of calorie consumption. The food we consume at the end of the day gives us a calorie intake that is not fully consumed.

Therefore, in order to avoid excessive fat accumulation, dinners suitable for weight loss should be prepared with low-calorie foods, such as cooked or raw vegetables, low-fat meats or a source of healthy fats.

This combination of nutrients helps to keep the metabolism active and thus promotes good rest. However, you should also take into account the time at which you eat dinner, at least two to three hours before going to bed.

How can you reorganise your dinner to lose weight?

You might consider with the advice of your doctor to reorganise your meals so that you consume more calories in the morning when your insulin function is most efficient.

So, let’s say you need to consume 2,000 calories a day: instead of dividing 500 to 600 calories equally at each meal, you could divide it up by eating 700 calories at breakfast, 900 calories at lunch and a light dinner of 400 calories.

The main difficulty, especially in the beginning, in anticipating dinner and/or lightening it, is evening hunger, which is mainly due to the glycaemia-insulin unbalance in the body.

A very useful natural supplement in this regard is Snellvis, developed according to a scientific formulation designed to be taken in the evening to balance blood sugar and drastically reduce evening hunger, dinner and after-dinner snacks.

It can be taken, for instance, together with a light dinner to provide a natural sense of fullness and eliminate hunger pangs.

This all-natural support promotes a sense of satiety so that glycogen reserves are depleted and the “craving” for food, typical of low sugar levels, is reduced. After only 2 months, this evening eating style will have become established and can be continued naturally.

How Snellvis works

It is designed to help you lose those extra kilos and regain your ideal weight. It effectively combats evening hunger pains, increasing the sense of satiety and helping to reduce the portion size of dinner and after-dinner snacks, so as to promote the loss of excess weight and a natural fit weight.

Snellvis is composed of natural ingredients of vegetal origin, combined together for the first time, and scientifically confirmed to be effective in weight control:

Inulin and Acacia Gum: ensure the balance of intestinal bacteria. They support the vitality and functionality of the intestinal microbiota that populate the gastrointestinal tract. Inulin is known to increase Bifidobacteria in the intestine, probiotics useful for regulating sugar metabolism and combating overweight.

Glucomannan: contributes to weight loss by stimulating nutrient absorption and satiety.

UlivìsMix (balanced mixture of dried extracts of Olive and Birch): provides cardiovascular protection, which also extends against the metabolic syndrome of which obesity is often the cause. In addition, it promotes the elimination of excess fluids, the release of fats from the tissues and improves digestion.

White bean (Phaseolus vulgaris): blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and calories in the gastrointestinal tract, promoting the drainage of body fluids.

Ashwagandha: provides relaxation and mental well-being, helping to better manage stress and the stimulus of nervous hunger.

Prickly pear ( cladodium): ensures body weight balance, thanks to its diuretic and antioxidant properties. It also contains fibres that reduce intestinal absorption of fats.

Chromium picolinate: is the bioactive form of chromium that contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and maintenance of correct blood glucose levels. It therefore contributes to the elimination of excess kilos and improves muscle mass. It is one of the best components for reducing sugar cravings and thus combating nervous hunger and junk food cravings.

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