Is losing weight a goal, but you can’t achieve it? The turning point in this article

It is important to realise that losing weight is not only a matter of the body, but also and above all a matter of the mind, and is a fundamental aspect of feeling good about ourselves.

Losing weight is not easy. On a merely statistical level, think that of the total number of people who consult a dietician:

  • 80 to 90% fail to carry out their diet;
  • only the remaining 10-20% succeed in losing weight, but the problem is that the kilos are then inexorably regained.

How can this negative spiral be broken?

In my opinion, anyone who wants to lose weight must first of all have a clear idea of the diet world. Thousands of people were and are convinced that they know everything about slimming, and have read, heard and tried a bit of everything.

By reading this article, you will finally be able to clarify the various aspects of dietetics once and for all, with the real possibility of achieving a healthy weight loss in a short period of time.

I will not go into the vast subject of nutrition here, which would take up a lot of time, but I think it would be very useful to propose a sort of “quick guide for losing weight“; I will mention a scientifically effective approach to slimming, which is proposed by an increasing number of nutritionists. For ” VIP patients”, this approach was made famous by Fiorello, who was able to lose a lot of weight in a short time and never gain it back.

Moreover, in spring it is easier to lose weight than at other times of the year, and it remains one of the most popular targets of this season, precisely because people begin to feel the need to “discover themselves” and “open up” to others, and, as a direct consequence, to feel better about themselves.

And what better solution than to lose those extra kilos in preparation for summer, and all the great discomfort that comes with it: you feel insecure, embarrassed by your body, clothing becomes a phobia because you look bad with everything!

So, if the need to lose weight is a “fixation” you will be pleased with this extraordinary opportunity that really can help make the difference.

Are you sure you’re not losing weight because you can’t manage to diet? Wrong, it’s not your fault.

Instead, it’s the fault of people who don’t take into account what is now scientifically proven about weight loss: the extra kilos are not only linked to diet, which can be inadequate, incorrect or excessive, or to constant stress, but there’s more to it than that.

Following a diet is not just a question of willingness or appetite: psychology also influences our ability to succeed, especially over long periods. It’s absolutely not possible to diet all your life, especially in the weight maintenance phase: you risk fighting every day with the weight going up and down like a yo-yo.

The good news is that you can finally go back to not fearing the scales.

You’ve probably already tried a lot of different diets (the Zone, the dissociated diet, the Dukan diet, the blood group diet, the green apple diet or the salad diet), consulted doctors and dieticians, exhausted yourself in the gym, looked for help in “miracle pills” or, worse still, in powdered meal replacements.

The truth is that the usual weight-loss diets don’t work, because they are based on the wrong principles, on outdated concepts, or simply on do-it-yourself diets that have spread by word of mouth and that often do damage, sometimes seriously.

To lose weight in a real and lasting way, you don’t need the restrictive low-calorie diets that are still prescribed by many doctors and dieticians today, or bizarre and fancy diets.

What do you really need to lose weight?

You need to understand how your body works, and rediscover some simple good habits that make a huge difference, not only in terms of losing weight (and in a short period of time), but also in terms of the overall quality of your life.

Slimming down and being at your target weight will become a normal condition: this is without diets and exaggerated renunciations, but only by changing a simple habit instead.

Having cleared the field of false myths and understood that the empty plate and the exhausting gym are strategies destined to fail in the long term, I will present you the main factor that prevents you from losing weight, which is closely linked to being overweight, and which nobody talks about.

When you focus only on counting calories, you lose sight of the most important parameter, the balance of hormones.

Hormones play a key role in your tendency to gain weight and/or in your inability to lose weight, and one of them in particular: insulin.

How does insulin work?

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, and is referred to as the “master of all hormones” because at various levels it affects different functions in our bodies. It is rarely talked about, but insulin influences 80% of the factors that are linked to being overweight.

Here are the two basic points you should know about insulin:

  • it is always very high in overweight people;
  • it is stimulated by carbohydrates, especially simple and refined ones (bread, pasta, pizza and baked goods in general). To find out more, just study the tables on the glycemic peak of foods.

What is the close link between insulin and being overweight?

The presence of sugar in the blood is dangerous, our survival depends on it. That’s why there is insulin, which tells the body not to burn and use accumulated fats as fuel, but to give priority to sugars.

With insulin in your bloodstream, sugars are absorbed and stored in fat cells and in the bloodstream as fat. This is why you are always in the accumulation phase and never in the detox phase, and therefore you cannot lose weight.

If there is insulin in the blood, there is never a time to empty the fat cells by activating the opposite pancreatic hormone, glucagon.

On the contrary, if sugar levels are low, so are insulin levels and glucagon can act, converting the old stored fats into energy to be used for living, allowing you to lose weight.

It follows that when insulin is low and you use fat as fuel, you have more balanced energy, less appetite and progressively reach a healthy weight.

Consequently, keeping insulin low is the crucial factor in keeping your weight under control: any system that ignores this mechanism is doomed to fail!

How to lose weight in a short time and without stress.

We have seen that the presence of insulin in the body caused by sugar makes you accumulate fat and waste without ever using it. You are therefore addicted to sugars, and even though you have no appetite, you can’t do without them, because addiction overcomes all rationality.

Above all, you accumulate visceral fat and fat cells, which are not “dead” or defenceless, but real substances that multiply and, through a complex hormonal effect, “force” the sugar addiction.

An ever-increasing number of nutritionists are relying on the Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) scientific protocol and demonstrating that weight loss does not require frustrating diets that are impossible to maintain: instead, it is enough to reduce calories, but only in the evening; and this also allows for rapid changes in metabolism.

In fact, by eating high water content foods for dinner, such as the beloved vegetables in all their forms, with the addition of a small amount of protein, the body during the night starts to consume its glycogen reserves, making them free and available to store the next energy reserves.

In this way it regains its ability to empty and replenish them and becomes “metabolically flexible“, as cells respond better to all the commands of metabolic hormones (insulin, leptin, ghrelin, glucagon).

When all this happens, it is wonderful news: it means that there is no longer that metabolic blockage which does not reactivate despite a thousand efforts, and which is due to the condition of perpetual “full battery charge” of glycogen and insulin-resistance of your cells (and insulin-resistance manifests itself even with just the after-dinner snack).

In short, reducing calories in the evening will stimulate your metabolism, insulin levels will drop and glucagon will be able to act and empty your fat deposits.

How to reduce your calorie consumption in the evening.

The basic assumption is that hunger is the key factor in the failure of weight loss diets. Experiencing a high sense of satiety, but only in the evening, is therefore crucial to being able to continue with a weight loss pathway without stress.

Snellvis was created as a valid support to this effective scientific protocol: it drastically reduces hunger in the evening, during dinner and after-dinner snacks, allowing you to lose weight without any particular effort.

This completely natural support, at least in the beginning, is highly recommended: until the emptying of glycogen reserves starts and consolidates, the “desire” for food, typical of low sugars, comes on lightning fast and resisting it is particularly stressful.

After just 2 months, as well as having lost weight (up to 10 kilos) without any particular sacrifice, this evening eating style will have been consolidated and can be maintained naturally.

Nutritionists also confirm that you will naturally feel less hungry during the other meals of the day (which must be complete with all the nutrients): this is the extraordinary result of the stabilisation of glycemia.

Snellvis can be taken 5 evenings a week, leaving 2 evenings free for pizza with your partner or dinner with friends; this makes the process much easier, while maintaining the slimming effect.

Snellvis to get back into the ideal weight.

Snellvis stands out for its unique formula, with all-natural ingredients combined for the first time and proven to be effective for weight control.

This supplement meets high quality and safety standards. It is entirely produced in Italy, ISO certified and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

It does not contain any stimulants (coffee, ginseng, mate, etc.) or laxatives.

For one more week you can find it in an extraordinary promotion. Take advantage of it now!

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