The Olive Tree is a powerful energy supplement

Happy Winners and Achievement

Do you suffer from tiredness, mental and physical exhaustion, lack of energy?

Prolonged stress, worries and uncertainties unfortunately affect more and more people.

By reading this short article you will be able to find a valuable remedy to all this: something that for many people has proved to be not just one alternative among many, but a real solution.

The olive tree is a powerful energy supplement: this is because we primarily take on the “information” of its extraordinary characteristics.

The Olive Tree and the “Signatures Theory”

Rather than describing the active principles of this marvellous plant, which have already been covered in this article, I will try to analyse its symbolic aspects, which are full of valuable information, especially therapeutic information.

In the past, doctors used to examine plants not only from a purely physical point of view, but also by carefully observing their behaviour (how they grew, where they took root, what elements were closely connected, etc.) and analysing the overall behaviour of the plant.

From these very long and careful observations they then drew important conclusions for the understanding of the therapeutic action that the plant could have on the human being.

In the Middle Ages this practice was known as “Signatures Theory”. It began as a spiritual philosophy, according to which God placed in the plants he created a sign that, if properly interpreted, could be “curative” for different diseases. This concept is still the basis for high-quality phytotherapy.

The plant must necessarily be considered in its entirety: just as today we refuse to consider Man made up of a body separated from a mind and a spirit, evoking the identity of Nature materialised in the plant means reconnecting with the archetypes and recovering precious information.

To understand this in concrete terms, we can take an example: doesn’t the shape of the walnut recall that of a cerebral cortex? The answer is yes. Does it follow that walnuts are good for the brain? Again, the answer is yes.

This is the so-called morphological analogy, a concept beloved by Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Medieval alchemists, and even Paracelsus’ Signatures Theory.

In this regard, I report a short extract taken from the very accurate product dossier of our Olive leaf extract, written by the Anthroposophical Physician Dr. Cenzato Remigio, who created the special formula. In the following lines, he gives us a high and careful look at the Olive tree:

A further fundamental consideration is that we not only take on the elements of a substance but also, and even more so, the “Process” of strengths that characterises it and is its nature. The process that runs through the substance as an experience of formation and transformation can take on more importance than its characterisation as a single molecule, detached from its context. The substance carries the memory (information) of its act of birth, growth, emancipation, maturation of function, in the context where it has developed“.

The Olive tree as a provider of benefits

When we consume the derivatives of the olive tree, and in particular the extract of its leaves, we are penetrated by its extraordinary character which is made up of Strength, Vitality and Balance.

It is for these reasons that the olive tree has been so widely used from ancient times to the present day, with an unchanged awareness of the value of its symbolism and its great power as a provider of benefits.

It is always interesting to remember that Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the flowers of the same name, discovered Olive in the Mediterranean countries and found it to be a very valid remedy: “…it is indicated for the fatigue and tiredness which are the result of overwork, not only physical, but above all mental and emotional. It is for those who feel they “can’t do it any more” and feel their daily life is tiring and lacking in pleasure because they wake up already exhausted“.

Olives are individuals with a strong sense of duty who cannot mentally switch off. Nothing consumes more energy than the mind occupied by worries and underlying negativity: this is also emotionally exhausting, leading to psycho-physical exhaustion and lack of energy.

The Olive tree remains impassible in the face of adversity

The qualities that the Olive tree brings out are the recovery of strength, which it maintains stable, vitality and interest in oneself and in life. All this thanks to its proven properties.

Strength, longevity and resistance: anyone who thinks of the olive tree has these three basic features in mind. In fact, there is no plant that is more able to remain impassible in the face of adversity than this one.

Even today, despite the increasingly torrid summers, and land, water and air increasingly compromised by pollution of all kinds, it continues to produce its fruit of the same high quality.

The Olive Tree as a symbol of strength, healing and interior peace

The olive tree has always been considered a thaumaturgical and sacred plant, a symbol of strength, healing and interior peace.

Religions, legends and myths describe this tree as a special gift from the gods to us humans.

The myth says that the olive tree is the plant under which all the gods were born: this means that the deepest values, those on which people base their lives, are born in the shadow of Peace and Goodness that the olive tree represents.

Strong, long-living and millenary: just think of the olive trees planted in the garden of Jerusalem; it is interesting to know that even today there are about eight olive trees from the time of Jesus Christ.

Whatever the origin of the symbolism behind this particular plant, it teaches us the need for renewal and regeneration, as well as the great ability to pacify one’s emotions and direct them in accordance with God or the Universe.

Certainly there could be no more suitable plant in the plant kingdom to represent health in its broadest aspect of body, mind and soul.

The Olive Tree is a therapy for the soul

Now I turn around … and look … I see the grey bark of a twisted olive tree trunk, tormented, hollowed out by time; here and there it shows the yellow-brown wood, with its intense oily scent, small silver-green leaves, shiny, waving placidly in the wind, showing the olives still green … I reach out to touch the bark… it exudes a sweet warmth… it relaxes me… my aches and pains seem to evaporate, to vanish before this ancient trunk…“.

The imaginative picture is quite original. The well-known psychologist and psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli guides us and suggests, as happens to patients during certain sessions, to build a special relationship with the Olive tree in these terms.

A fantasy? No, a therapy. Or rather, a fantasy, and therefore also a therapy. Fantasy is part of the creative and healing processes of intelligence.

Thanks Olive tree

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